Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The following is a statement issued by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa of Egypt, in which he provides a summary of the Arab League's re-offer of its 2002 Peace proposal to Israel. The text is provided by way of

'Arab-Israeli conflict is at the core of instability and tension'

"The convening of the 19th Arab summit in Riyadh ... shows that the regular convening of the Arab summit is becoming a fundamental mechanism in steering joint Arab action ... in the face of unprecedented tension in the contemporary history of the Middle East and the Arab world.

I would like to commend the kingdom and the custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdel-Aziz, who as we know is fully capable of leading the procession in the face of a clear and present challenge to the entity of this Umma.

The Arab-Israeli conflict, and particularly the Palestinian cause, is at the core of instability and tension in the region. What can we do in face of international bias and Israeli defiance of opportunities that might have led to peace? This very bias has crippled the peace process.

It has become necessary that we reconsider this policy if the Middle East is to enjoy peace and stability.

The absence of security mediation has seriously damaged the chances to achieve qualitative step in the region. Despite all this, we are following a diplomatic path that we hope will lead to the resumption of the peace process.

The Arabs have prepared themselves to enter a peace process that would put an end to Arab-Israeli conflict.

I commend the European countries that have adopted the right and courageous decision to recognize and work with the new Palestinian government ... I call for the lifting of the economic siege imposed on the Palestinian people. Arab goals are clear and enlisted in the peace initiative ... which calls for an end to the military occupation of Palestinian lands, the Syrian Golan and Lebanese Shebaa, the establishment of future relations with Israel under a comprehensive peace and the establishment of the real Palestinian state..."


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