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“The Security Council deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries resulting from the use of force during the Israeli military operation in international waters against the convoy sailing to Gaza. The Council, in this context, condemns those acts which resulted in the loss of at least 10 civilians and many wounded, and expresses its condolences to their families.

“The Security Council requests the immediate release of the ships as well as the civilians held by Israel. The Council urges Israel to permit full consular access, to allow the countries concerned to retrieve their deceased and wounded immediately, and to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance from the convoy to its destination.

“The Security Council takes note of the statement of the United Nations Secretary–General on the need to have a full investigation into the matter and it calls for a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards.

“The Security Council stresses that the situation in Gaza is not sustainable. The Council re-emphasizes the importance of the full implementation of resolutions 1850 (2008) and 1860 (2009). In that context, it reiterates its grave concern at the humanitarian situation in Gaza and stresses the need for sustained and regular flow of goods and people to Gaza as well as unimpeded provision and distribution of humanitarian assistance throughout Gaza.

“The Security Council underscores that the only viable solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an agreement negotiated between the parties and re-emphasizes that only a two-State solution, with an independent and viable Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbours, could bring peace to the region.

“The Security Council expresses support for the proximity talks and voices concern that this incident took place while the proximity talks are under way and urges the parties to act with restraint, avoiding any unilateral and provocative actions, and all international partners to promote an atmosphere of cooperation between the parties and throughout the region.”

Full text of Presidential titled, "Security Council Condemns acts resulting in civilians deaths during Israeli Operations Against Gaza-bound aid convoy, calls for investigation in Presidential Statement," 1st of June A. D. 2010, in

"Israel's behavior should definitely, definitely be punished....No one should try to test Turkey's patience....The time has come for the international community to say 'enough....The United Nations must not stop at its resolution condemning Israel, but stand behind its resolution....Israel should lift the inhumane embargo on Gaza right away. Killing innocent people is a wicked recklessness,"

Turkish Premier Erdogan, "Turkey's PM says Israel should be punished," 1 June A. D. 2010, in

As predicted here a few days back, the Security Council has considerably watered down the rather predictable attempt by Turkey, et. al., to pass semi-hysterical resolutions condemning the Israeli action on the 31st of May. Specifically, of course the United States toned down considerably the move to condemn Israel's action. As also pointed out here the likelihood that the American government would allow the Council to pass a resolution condemning Israel was a complete non possumus. The American Vice-President's statement today, overtly defending the Israeli action, being as it were for me merely, quod erat demonstrandum (on this statement:"Biden backs Israel's right to stop Gaza-bound ships," 3 June, A. D. 2010, in And, as the recent Israeli statements on the subject show rightly or wrongly (wrongly in my opinion), Tel Aviv has absolutely no intention of dismantling their blockade (on this see: "Netanyahu: World hypocritical for condemning Gaza Flotilla raid," 2 June A. D. 2010, in As for the regime in Istanbul, all one can say is that their reaction, nay gross over-reaction to the entire episode, betrays to my mind at the very least, some element of pleasure at what has occurred. So much so, that one is almost tempted to believe that the government in Ankara expected and indeed encouraged what has unfortunately happened. Otherwise the near hysterical condemnation of the Israelis appears to be rather grossly exaggerated. Especially, since one does not hear much in the way of condemnation by the AK government of human rights abuses of a much more flagrant nature by its new-found allies in Tehran, Damascus and Khartoum...But, as the great Lord Salisbury observed to the German Ambassador to the Porte over one hundred years ago:

"For the Turkish Ministers Lord Salisbury merely expresses utter contempt. He considers them incapable of conducting any serious negotiations whatever....He doubts whether, even if the intentions of the rulers of Turkey were more honest than they are, the universal corruption of the governing classes would permit the establishment of stable conditions".

Quoted in Freiherr von Werther to Bernhard von Bulow, 14 January A. D., 1877, see: German Diplomatic Documents, 1871-1914, Volume One, Edited & translated by E. T. S. Dugdale, 1928, p. 46.

A state of affairs which at least on the diplomatic front has not changed very much since the above statement was made...


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